Hanukkakoriste, jolla voit koristella kotisi upeasti juhlia varten.
Onnellista hanukkaa!

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Hanukkah decorations

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Blue and silver Hanukkah decorations complete the festive decoration!

Choose the one that suits your home from two different models.

Hanukkah Decoration: The illuminated decoration features menorahs, dreidels and "Happy Chanukah" text. The 2.5m long ornament glows with light wherever you place it. Decorate your home for Father's Day!

Hanukkah banner: A shiny and wonderful banner shining in blue and silver colors proclaims "Happy Chanukah" in your home. Each letter is unique and adds a sense of celebration to the Hanukkah celebration. Hang on the wall, window or anywhere. The height of the letters is about 18 cm and the total length is 2.32 m.