Jerusalem kaulakoru roomalaisella lasilla.
Upea Jerusalem koru roomalaisella lasilla.

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Jerusalem necklace, Roman glass

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And he took me up in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy city, Jerusalem, which came down from heaven to God, and in it was the glory of God; its luster was like that of the most precious stone.. Rev. 21:10-11

A wonderful Jerusalem necklace with a beautiful Roman glass set in the center. The beautiful glass is surrounded by the silhouette of Jerusalem, an image of the holy city. The glass glows in wonderful colors when the light hits it.

Handmade jewelry made by a talented Israeli jewelry designer, in the center of which is genuine Roman glass made 2,000 years ago. Glass was found in archaeological digs throughout the Holy Land. It is genuine and certified as a genuine antique by the Israeli government.

Long ago, glass was made by the ancient Romans in Israel. The glass's wonderful surface color, or patina, was created over the years by the influence of the glass and soil minerals inside the earth. A patina began to form on the glass that had been on the ground for centuries. In this process, different shades of blue, green, purple and even pink were formed in the glass depending on the exposure of the glass to the minerals in the soil.

The high-quality, carefully made jewelry is 925 silver and contains a high-quality silver chain. Roman glass does not like water, but you can clean silver with a silver cloth or silver liquid, avoiding the glass. Keep the jewelry dry and avoid other chemical substances. Certificate of authenticity included.