Years ago I received a prophecy that I would be working with another nation. After a few years, the African country and especially the children there were born in my thoughts and started to speak and grow in my heart. A longing and love for them arose in my heart and it was born of God and a dream of the Father.

Little by little, things progressed and this shop was born as the basis of that dream. To generate income with which I can establish a school and an orphanage where children can experience the love of Christ. To be the basis for the work that the Father has called me to do.

The products are a blessing to you and your loved ones, and the Father influences his blessing through them. Just like art, after seeing it, the Father will speak to your heart. Or through the song you feel a supernatural God. The Father works in incredible and wonderful ways on earth.

You can be a part of this work by buying yourself or giving gifts as a blessing. Do you have a group of friends with whom you have gathered together for a prayer or word? Or Do you spend crafts, dance or art together with friends? Let the word spread!


Be richly blessed!