Ein Gedi bar soaps
Ein Gedi bar soaps
Ein Gedi bar soaps

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Ein Gedi bar soaps

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3 different bar soaps, Saaron's rose, fig and lavender. Choose yours from above!

Rose of Sharon: Soap made from virgin olive oil with a rose scent. The rose of Sharon or the lily, as the Bible says, refers to His own. As the maiden says in the Song of Songs, I am the flower of Sharon's fields, the lily of the valleys. L12:1

He shines beautifully before God, and he stands tall.

Fig: Soap made from virgin olive oil is enriched with the scent of fig. The fig is one of the plants mentioned in the Bible. Deuteronomy 8:8

Lavender: The soap is enriched with lavender oil, which is an antibacterial ingredient. The strong scent brings a boost to everyday life and reduces stress.

Made in Israel, 100g