Kultainen Magen David eli Daavidin tähti.

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Golden Star of David

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A wonderful Star of David with the design of the Western Wall of Jerusalem printed on it. Made of 14k gold.

The Western Wall, Kotel Ma'aravi, is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is the holiest place in Judaism, a place of constant prayer, meditation and inspiration.

The history it represents is spine-chilling, which is reflected in the heartfelt prayers of those who came to the wall and wept for the temple. That's why it was also called the Wailing Wall.

The Kotel is part of the western retaining wall of Temple Mount and is the only remnant of the second temple. The first temple was built by King Solomon and lasted 410 years until it was destroyed by the Babylonians. Seventy years later, the second temple was built under Ezra's leadership. According to tradition, it lasted for 420 years until Titus and his Roman legions razed it to the ground in AD 70.

Because of its proximity to the Temple, the Western Wall has become the holiest site of Jewish religious and national consciousness. Every day, thousands come to pray and place written prayers in the crevices of the wall. Twice a year, the small prayer papers are removed, bundled in small bags and buried in Ölümäki cemetery.

A wonderful piece of jewelry, made in Israel as a high-quality handicraft. Does not include chain.

14k gold. 1.90 cm. Delivery time approx. 14 days.