How to take care of jewelry so that it will be a pleasure even years from now?

Silver is a beautiful, precious metal. The color of silver never fades and silver is durable. However, genuine silver tarnish over time. Sometimes the darkening is fast and sometimes slow, this may be affected by e.g. place of storage, moisturizer or perfume on the skin. Airtight storage slows down the tarnishing of silver. Regular use and cleaning also reduces the darkening of the jewelry.

When you notice that the silver has darkened, the good thing is that you know for sure that your jewelry is genuine silver. Silver can be easily cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth or silver cleaning agent. Separate the chain and the pendant from each other, clean them in water with a small amount of dish soap to remove dirt and dust. After that, you can soak them in silver cleaner or wipe them with a silver cleaning cloth. Please follow the instructions for use of the cleaning agent carefully. Finally, the silver jewelry is rinsed with warm water. After cleaning, dry and polish the jewelry with a flannel or microfiber cloth.

Never use corrosive substances or abrasive cloths. Eilat stones and Roman glass do not like water, so silver cloths are the best option for cleaning such pendants. However, you can always clean the chains with a silver cleaner. If the silver jewelry has surface gilding, avoid rubbing the gilding to keep the gilding as good as possible. If your jewelry contains real gold in addition to silver, you can still use silver cleaner without worry.

Silver-plated products mean that the metal has been treated with a silver coating. Silver-plated products can also tarnish, and these are easy to clean and wipe with a silver cleaning cloth. Remember that the silver coating wears off over time, so you should avoid scratchy and abrasive detergents or cleaning agents. Also, some food substances can damage silver-plated surfaces, these include e.g. egg, cabbage, vinegar and wine. It is good to clean the silver-plated products soon and not to leave them wet for a long time with harmful substances.

Yellow and white gold jewelry is cleaned with dishwashing liquid in warm water. To help, you can use a soft toothbrush and lightly clean the jewelry from dirt and grease. If possible, store your jewelry separately so they don't rub and scratch each other.

Enjoy and enjoy your jewelry! Durable, high-quality and beautiful jewelry will bring you joy year after year!





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