Valonjuhla eli hanukka, ei olisi yhtä valoisa ilman näitä valkoisia kynttilöitä.

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Hanukkah candles white 45 pcs

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Each of these beautiful candles is handcrafted and hand decorated. The warm glow and festive look of the candles will bring the joy of Hanukkah to your home. The diameter of the candle is approx. 1cm. The size is suitable for most table menorahs. Burns clean and bright for about an hour. The package contains 45 white candles, which are enough for the entire Hanukkah celebration.

You can wrap a piece of foil around the base of the candle before placing it. This way you can make it stay firmly in the menorah and protect the menorah from stearin.

Please note: Placing lighted candles in a drafty place or too close to each other can cause the candle to leak. Always use the menorah on a non-combustible surface. Attach the candles to the candle base before lighting. You can shorten the wick wires to about 0.5 cm long before lighting. Warning! Never leave a burning candle unattended. Not for use by children.