Ester oli Jumalan valittu, joka juuri sitä aikaa varten oli valittu vapauttamaan Israelin kansa.
Tämä tallit julistaa kuninkaallisuutta.

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Stables, Ester

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Purple colored stables with a royal crown and cape in the corners.

The collar has myrtle flowers, decorated with lavender and a Finnish text just for this time , which refers to the Bible's book of Esther 4:14. Ester was chosen for God's mission just for that time.

In addition to the crowns in the two corners, it reads in Hebrew letters: So he (the king) placed the royal crown on his head. Esther 2:17

In the other two corners, in addition to the royal cloak, there is a text: The king held out the golden scepter he had in his hand towards Esther. Esther 5:2

This proclaims royalty!

Size 61 x 182cm